A teenager with the ability to relive the death of any corpse he touches. He's been wandering by himself for the past three years, stopping only to refuel himself with the strongest coffee he can find.

Chance Jackson
(Voiced by: Kira Buckland)
     A cheery barista with dreams of being a singer. She's friendly at first glance, but she has a short fuse and a mean temper.

Jennifer Bergstrom
(Voiced by: Morgan Barnhart)
     A businesswoman who runs a local genetic engineering corporation. Strict, serious, and very impatient. She's not pleased about being stuck with a murder investigation.

Mikolaj Gurski
(Voiced by: Christopher Niosi)
     An off duty cop who happens to be at the coffee shop when the body is found. He quickly takes control of the situation, but is his presence really just a coincidence?

Kizaki Suitani
(Voiced by: Micah Solusod)
     A shy college boy studying at the coffee shop when the murder takes place. He claims to be a regular, but no one there seems to remember him.