Feeling stuck? Looking for a hint to help you find the culprit? Here are a few helpful hints to get you on your way:

     -People are more likely to share information with you if they trust you. Try building up some trust with them by being honest or friendly.

     -If it doesn't seem like anyone wants to talk, you might want to take the time to explore. You might see or find things that will give you more things to talk about.

     -Even if someone is lying, you may still be able to find a bit of truth in what they're saying. Don't accept everything at its face value.

     -Your notebook keeps track of important clues that you've come across. You can refresh your memory of things you've discovered any time you want by clicking on the "Notes" option in the mini-menu at the bottom left corner of the screen.


In order to get extra hints in the game, you need to gain the trust of various characters. None of the hints are necessary to solve the mystery, but they are helpful. The decisions you make will change the amount of trust they have in you. Here are the choices you can make for each character to raise their trust in you.

     -When Detective Gurski asks if there's anything else you'd like to say, say there's something suspicious about the death.

     -When Detective Gurski is busy talking with Miss Bergstrom, you can speak with either the coffee shop girl/Chance or the college boy/Kizaki. You'll raise the trust of whichever one you choose first.

     -When speaking with the woman/Miss Bergstrom, after she says "Don't take me for a fool," tell her "If you just thought about it, you wouldn't think that."

     -When Detective Gurski asks how much of the phone conversation you heard, tell him you heard "the part about Sara and Biodev Imaging."

     -When Chance asks if the detective said anything, tell her "He just wanted me to tell him if I learned anything from talking with you."

     -When Kizaki says he's worried about being arrested, tell him "Relax. He won't just randomly arrest you, you know."

     -When Miss Bergstrom asks why you're doing this, tell her "I want to prove I'm innocent."

     -When you ask Chance about throwing hot coffee, ask her "Do you like your job here?"

     -When Detective Gurski asks if you think Chance did it, tell him "I doubt she had anything to do with this."

     -When Chance suggests that someone else might be the killer, tell her "That's a good idea. You're probably right."

     -When you confront Kizaki about Sara, tell him "If you tell me what happened, maybe I can help you."


Serious spoilers here! No turning back! Here are the answers to the final solution sequence:

The order of people who entered the shop is:
-Miss Bergstrom

How was the victim killed?
-She was suffocated
-It was meant to incriminate Chance

Who is the true culprit?
-It was Miss Bergstrom
-Sara stole from Auten Engineering for you, but something went wrong with the deal.


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