Interested in being part of a sakevisual project? Great! We'd love to have you. Here are a few guidelines to look over before you submit. Please follow these. Any submissions that don't follow these guidelines might not even make it into my review queue.

     I am looking for artists with all sorts of different styles. You don't have to be an anime or manga artist to be considered. I will look at digital and traditional art. I am interested in seeing character art, environment art (backgrounds), and any GUI work you can do. If you have multiple images of the same character, I'd like to see them so I can see how consistent your work is. Please send links to pieces that you think best showcase your art, and a link to your portfolio or online gallery. Also include a resume if you have one.

     I'm interested in composers with many different styles who can write background music. I am not currently looking for songwriters. If possible, I'd like to hear at least three pieces of varying moods. Please send a link to your online portfolio and resume if you have one.

Voice Actors
     I'm always looking to increase my database of potential voice actors. All voice actors must have good quality recording equipment and be available for realtime direction over Skype. Please send a demo reel that is indicative of the quality of your recording equipment. You may also send links to original projects you have been in (ALONG WITH your demo reel). No fandubs, parodies, or abridged series, please. Include a resume if you have one.

     I am most interested in programmers who know (or want to learn) Python, and programmers interested in devloping for mobile devices (specifically, the Android). Please send links to work you've done as well as samples of your code. I am looking for readability of code, streamlined problem solving, comments where necessary, and generally good style. Include a resume if you have one.

     I am currently not looking for writers or story ideas.

     I will announce when I am seeking playtesters for specific projects. Please follow sakevisual on facebook, twitter, or our blog for these announcements.

Submission Guidelines

1.) Send an email to me with the subject line "Submission: [Your Name] [What you Do]" (e.g. "Submission: [John] [Artist]")

2.) Include in the email an estimate of your rates and whether or not you're willing to work as a volunteer for free games. I try to pay everyone a fair wage, but free games have a much smaller budget than the Green Tea series.

3.) Make sure you have everything asked for in the guidelines on the right before sending the email to

I will respond to you as soon as I can, but it does take a while for me to get through all of them.